Club Angler Tournament Data

The following Club Angler Data Sheet will show all club anglers and their tournament finishes dating back to 1986.

To filter by different columns click on the small blank cell (box) that is above the green 1 row cell, and to the left of the A green column cell. After doing so the worksheet will highlight light blue showing you have selected the whole worksheet.

With the sheet still highlighed click on "Data" tab then select "Filter Views" now select "Create New Temporary Filter View".

You should now see a symbol with 3 little lines vertically stacked in each of the cells next to the words: Status, Pos, Angler, Limit, # Fish, SM, LM, Weight, Water Body, Year.

You can select on of those line symbols to filter/sort to whatever you would like to.


View the complete Club Angler Data here